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Dancing Feet Kate Badcock Roddy Johnston

When Kate & Roddy formed Dancing Feet Ceilidh Band in 2007, the idea was to bring new energy and life into ceilidh music…and from there it turned into their passion.


By using live looping two musicians can create an exciting rhythm section and diverse instrumentation….The fiddle, guitar and cajon can all be looped, giving a great backing to the flute, fiddle, pipes and sax that are so distinctive in the Dancing Feet sound.

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Dancing Feet annually tour France in February and March, travelling as far as the meditteranean coast, performing along the way. Playing for French dance associations and festivals  has coloured their musical life, infusing all the influences gathered on their journey, making them one of the most progressive and innovative Ceilidh Bands out there. 

When not performing abroad, Dancing feet Ceilidh Band play ceilidhs in Angus, Perthshire, Fife, Inverness, the Highlands, Aberdeenshire, infact, all over Scotland!!

Their music has taken them as far as Macau, where they participated in a 3 week project in Macau Anglican College, and collaborated with Chinese musicians, even appearing on the local TV!

In the summer of 2014 Dancing Feet attempted to break the world record for the Worlds Biggest Ceilidh! 1500 willing participants lined the streets of St Andrews, but they didn’t quite strip the willow…well, not this time.

A unique ceilidh duo that is perfect for those that want something a bit different, great for both small parties and large events.

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