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Meet the Band

How It All Began.....

Roddy and Kate met 18 years ago, and started playing together. They discovered a mutual passion not only for Irish and Scottish music, but also music from all corners of Europe, playing tunes from Galicia to Scandinavia to the Balkans – this inevitably seeps into the ceilidh set!

Now based in Kirriemuir, Angus, they both work as fulltime musicians, playing in their pub/folk club/festival band Zetor in the Kailyard and various community organisations such as Kirrie Connections and Yamsen. Once a year they tour France, playing ceilidhs concerts and workshops schools - get in touch if you are interested.


Kate Badcock

Kate plays flute and saxophone in the band and calls most of the dances. She studied classical music, and has been playing traditional/folk music for 25 years now. She spent 10 years in Ireland, and has a large repertoire of Irish tunes as well as Scottish ones. She spent her formative years busking throughout Europe, picking up a large collection of tunes along the way from all over.


Roddy Johnston

Roddy plays the pipes, fiddle, guitar cajon and sings in the band, as well as helping  with the calling and generally keeping you all entertained.  Roddy grew up in a musical family in Angus, and has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to Scottish music and song. In recent years Roddy has explored the possibilities of looping in traditional Scottish music, creating the unique Dancing Feet sound.

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